Where is the ‘Straight Talk’ About the Akaka Bill?

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Reading Mr. Oz Stender’s letter in ”’Hawaii Reporter”’ in support of the Akaka Bill reminds me of one of those crazy images called a Mobius Strip, where you start off on one side of the ribbon and end up on the other.

See his story here:


“Akaka Bill Corrects Injustices of Past and Accounts for Present”

Mr. Stender starts off talking about inter-governmental relationships between the Monarchy and the United States and ends up talking about righting undisclosed wrongs to Hawaiians.

Is the trick that we are supposed to believe that the Monarchy was a Hawaiian entity? Are we supposed to believe that the overthrow of the Monarchy was somehow a racial wrong?

What is going on here? So many questions, yet just try to get a straight answer from the so-called experts.

Please, please, please can’t we have some straight talk about this crazy legislation?


”’Bill Jardine, a resident of Hawaii, can be reached at mailto:bill@jardinerealty.com”’