The Akaka Bill – Another Overthrow?-Self determination legislation proceeds 'without the voice of the people'

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Kanaka Maoli (indigenous Hawaiians) are voiceless in a land they know best, they knew first, they love most. Regarding the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act, also known as the Akaka Bill, increasing numbers of Kanaka Maoli demand to be heard, but have been ignored.

Instead, Hawaii’s congressional delegates and political organizations have spoken for them without consultation. The Akaka Bill was given ONE hearing in Hawaii in the year 2000 where it faced overwhelming opposition from real live ‘Oiwi (native Hawaiians). Since then, no open hearings have been held anywhere. Hearingsconducted in Washington D.C., where the bill originated, were by-invitation- only; closed to opposing testimony.


The Office of Hawaiian Affairs said Monday they’ve worked with the congressional delegation, the U.S. Department of Justice and the state attorney general to addseveral amendments claiming they would add integrity to the effort. The truth is, these amendments satisfy some politicians, but NOT the Hawaiian people. From theHawaiian Islands to the continental U.S., Hawaii natives, natives of America and Americans in a ‘red tide’ (spiritual sign to ‘Oiwi) are reaching out to senators to oppose SB 1011, a measure that constitutes a great transgression, a HEWA, as native Hawaiians put it.

By the Akaka Bill, Kanaka Maoli will lose their lands