The Hijacking of 'Aloha'-Saddam Hussein Does Not Deserve To Have Good Will of Hawaii's People, Legislature

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Recently the majority party in the Hawaii state House of Representatives passed House Resolution 164, House Draft 1, “reaffirming the value and meaning of aloha in the face of Military action against Iraq.”


The word “aloha” has a great variety of meanings, and I deeply believe in the value and meaning of aloha.

I also know what aloha does not mean. Aloha does not mean standing by idly in the face of evil, acting passively when the defenseless need defense, or doing nothing when action and intervention are essential.

Unfortunately, Democrats in the House chose to use the word aloha as part of their political ploy to make a pacifist statement about the war and to condemn those who support military intervention.

The House Resolution says that “the history of Hawaii is replete with examples of courageous leaders who overcame the temptation to engage in war