Time Warner Cable Takes KITV Programming Off the Air

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Time Warner and ABC’s KITV were not able to come to an agreement by midnight last night, and when clock struck 11:59 p.m. July 9, KITV was pulled off the cable’s network. Television viewers with Oceanic cable will see just a black screen when tuning into KITV today.

On its web site, KITV said in a statement:  “Unfortunately, notwithstanding our best efforts to reach a new carriage agreement, we were unable to do so.  As a result, unless there is a change in Time Warner’s position, carriage of KITV will no longer be available to you on Time Warner systems.”


KITV, which apologized for the inconvenience, said the station management has no idea when the station will be back on Time Warner or when discussions will resume.

“In light of this impasse, we urge viewers to make alternative arrangements for receipt of our signal.  Our signal remains available over the air for free and also on other cable systems, DIRECTV and DISH Network.

KITV said to determine the type of antenna needed to receive the signal, check https://www.antennaweb.org/

Other customer service numbers for other providers carrying the KITV signal include: DIRECTV: 1-888-777-2454; DISH Network: 1-800-823-4929 and Hawaiian Telcom:  643-3456 or 1-877-482-2211