Hannemann Campaign Hit with FEC Complaint

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Mufi Hannemann

REPORT FROM TUSLI GABBARD’S CAMPAIGN FOR CONGRESS – The Federal Election Commission has been asked to investigate “direct and serious” violations of federal campaign pending laws committed by Mufi Hannemann’s Congressional campaign.

Patricia Fiori of the Washington, D.C. law firm Utrecht & Phillips filed a complaint on behalf of Tulsi for Hawai’i with the FEC against Mufi Hannemann, Hannemann for Congress, and the campaign treasurer, Patricia Waterhouse. Utrecht & Phillips represents several House and Senate campaigns, as well as a number of presidential campaigns in various cycles (including the Clinton 2008 primary campaign).


The complaint lists federal requirements that the Hannemann campaign has not complied with, including detailing of travel and polling expenses. The complaint also points out that although Hannemann has been campaigning full time for several months, he continued his job as president and chief executive officer of the Hawaii Lodging and Tourism Association (HLTA).

The complaint states that “Based on Hannemann’s full-time campaigning schedule, it is very unlikely he devoted the same amount of time to his employment or that he completed the normal amount of work required for his position. If that was the case, all or part of the salary paid to him constituted a prohibited corporate contribution to Hannemann for Congress from HLTA.”

Ms. Fiori stated that “The disclosure requirements and prohibited corporate contributions go to the very core of the Federal campaign finance laws. The FEC should investigate these very serious allegations.”

Tulsi Gabbard said, “We are a country of laws, not of men, no matter how powerful. The undeniable evidence we are submitting to the Federal Election Commission, shows that Mufi Hannemann has consciously and knowingly conspired with the powerful forces at HLTA to circumvent Federal Election laws.

“Many of us have lost faith in our government because it often appears that our leaders feel they are above the law. This is especially true of many members of Congress. So we need to ask ourselves this question: If Mufi believes that he and his powerful allies are above the laws the rest of us have to follow, is he fit to serve us in Congress which is, after all, our country’s highest law-making body?”

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Hannemann campaign did not respond to Hawaii Reporter’s inquiry for a response.