Wired Magazine: Stealth Fighter Jet Chokes Hawaii Pilot

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FROM WIRED MAGAZINE: The Air Force swears it’s working like mad to figure out why its premiere stealth fighter, the F-22 Raptor, is choking its pilots. They better: Just on Friday, another Raptor pilot experienced shortness of breath while flying his aircraft over Hawaii.

Luckily, he landed safely. But the hypoxia mystery — which the Air Force plans to spend much of the year inspecting — continues: This was the 23rd unexplained “hypoxic incident” since the Raptor was introduced in 2005.


“We just learned of another hypoxia incident, when a pilot declared an emergency off of Hawaii last Friday, and landed safety,” Sen. Mark Warner (D-Virginia), said to reporters on Tuesday. “And I will give the Air Force credit that they notified the congressman and I of this incident.” The incident is now under a 30-day review period, but is potentially another sign in a series of troubles Warner said “unfortunately seems to be unending.” In late June, an F-22 was forced to land after encountering oxygen problems near Langley Air Force Base in Virginia.

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