Truth Or Dare

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Eric Ryan: “I’ve got a deal for stop lying about me, and I’ll stop telling the truth about you.”

BY KEITH ROLLMAN – It seems everyone lies about poor Eric Ryan, even the the Police and City Prosecutor’s Office. Ryan describes Peter Carlisle and Chris Van Marter as “prosecutorial hatchet men,” and dismisses a recent summary of a criminal investigation as “the world’s lamest evidence of wrongdoing.” The recently published report by Deputy Prosecutor Van Marter, contains some significant clarification as to who is, and has been, lying about what.


On September 15, 2008, I filed a complaint with HPD because someone had forged my name to a slanderous email promoting the derogatory website “,” and spread it all over town. It basically said how proud I was of being a racist and an idiot and came from a fake email account made to look like it was from the campaign.

A day later when the media came knocking at the location to which the email had been traced, Eric Ryan was asked, directly, if he was responsible:

“Heavens no! I don’t know why anyone would do anything to promote this awful site. It’s disgusting,” Ryan said. “I watched this Web site get nasty, very sexist, very racist and homophobic and other things.”

Apparently, Eric was doing more than “watching.”

The reported on June 25, 2011: “ and a website called were also believed, according to Van Marter’s letter, to be linked to Carroll and Ryan. Subpoenaed records later confirmed the connection, as well as another — to the domain name” [John Carroll was exonerated of any involvement].

Ryan had aggressively tried to assign blame:

I am certain that Rollman, who probably has the technical knowhow to cover his tracks and the access to the entire City e-mail directory to send e-mails to fellow City employees, is completely responsible for both the disgusting website and the offensive e-mail.”

In subsequent months, Ryan admitted that Rollman had been framed and was the victim of a “crime,” but at the hands of his nefarious anti-rail colleagues.

The prosecutor’s report, however, arrived at a different conclusion as to the authorship of the slanderous e-mail:

The offending e-mail that was sent on September 15, 2008, was created so as to make it appear as though it came from the complainant, Keith Rollman, when, in fact, it did not.”

There is sufficient evidence to believe that Eric Ryan sent the offending e-mail on September 15, 2008…the evidence is sufficient to prove Ryan’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.”

I trust our good readers can tell between truth and lies when they hear them. I am also convinced that people like Eric Ryan will never know the difference.

Note: After falling out with Cliff Slater’s Stop Rail Now, Ryan launched Rail Truth Now, a look-alike site that asked for donations to be re-routed to him. After being fired by John Carroll, Ryan turned Carroll’s own website into a slanderous screed attacking Carroll for various “crimes.” When Ryan was fired by Representative Kym Pine, he hacked her email and circulated fake emails calling her a “crook.” He is set to launch a “Kym Pine is a Crook” campaign on Friday if he is not paid an unspecified amount. Ryan is currently a City employee on the staff of Councilman Tom Berg.