Tsunami Evacuation Plans for Hawaii

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If you are in a low lying area near the coast or in the tsunami evacuation zone during a significant earthquake get to higher ground outside of the tsunami evacuation zone immediately, a locally generated tsunami could reach the shore within minutes.

Concrete and/or steel reinforced building of 6 or more stories that are not damaged by earthquakes should also provide safe shelter above the third floor.


Remain outside the zone until the All Clear signal has been issued by local civil defense authorities.


In the case of a distant source tsunami a Tsunami Warning will be issued three hours prior to the estimated arrival time. If you are in the evacuation zone when the warning sirens sound prepare to move inland or, if you have access to a concrete and/or steel reinforced building of 6 or more stories move above the third floor.



You may want to walk out of the tsunami evacuation zone to avoid traffic gridlock.


If located outside a tsunami evacuation zone, stay outside of the evacuation zone and limit all non-emergency travel. Do not use your telephone or cell phone except for emergencies.


All public schools in tsunami evacuation zones have emergency evacuation plans in place in the event of a Tsunami Warning.


Have preparations in place to care for your pets in case you are ordered to evacuate. Contact your veterinarian or the Hawai’i Humane Society for more information on pet arrangements.


Your family may not be together when disaster strikes, so it is important to plan in advance.


See more at https://tsunami.csc.noaa.gov/evacuation.html?Address=143+Kaluamoo+Street&City=Kailua&Zip=96734&submit3=Search+Address