Victory in Waimea Valley

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After a 3-year saga, the City & County of Honolulu announced [yesterday] that the National Audubon Society was awarded the long-term management contract for Waimea Valley, Oahu.

While the contract award must now be approved by the full City Council, it is expected to pass easily at the next City Council meeting on April 30, 2003.


This is a momentous occasion and a real turning point for Waimea Valley, the North Shore Community, and the citizens of Oahu — if not for the entire state.

Under Audubon’s capable management, the Valley can now begin to fulfill its great promise and become Oahu’s premier park; a valuable resource to educate Waimea’s visitors about authentic Hawaiian culture and history.

Many, many people have contributed to the community realizing their vision and we wish to recognize their important role in seeing this happen.

It just goes to show what great things can take place when people organize at the grass roots and persist.

”’Scott Foster is the Communications Director for the Stewards of Waimea Valley. He can be reached via email at:”’