What Makes Nader Run?

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”’The Honolulu Advertiser”’ on 2/15/04, carried an op-ed by Ralph Nader
“Cleaners Appreciation Day sorely needed.” In it he said, referring to those who honorably clean and scrub hotel rooms, empty waste, wash
windows, etc. “We would never do their work, yet they are among the
lowest paid in our country.” It is assumed that Ralph Nader includes
himself in his royal “we.” And royal it is, if not arrogant and elitist.

The vast majority of us have done and are doing regularly the things he implies he would not do. Further, he says we don’t say thank you to such workers.


That is not my experience. Since most of us are somewhat personally familiar with what such workers do, thank-you’s are a common
occurrence in the world I occupy. One must wonder in what world Mr.
Nader’s mind travel. Perhaps the root meaning of “nerd” has been

Nader the nerd? Nerdy Nader? Quick, someone hand him a broom
or mop and observe his behavior. Does it make Nader run?

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