Anahola Cafe and Saimin Stand – a Big Hit

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Anahola, Kauai — One of the only eateries in Anahola, besides Ono Char Burger, is the nonprofit Anahola Cafe and Saimin Stand located at mile marker 12.  With a simple menu of saimin bowls and Hawaiian style plate lunch, the cafe is open from 11 am – 10 pm.

“It’s great to get an ono bowl of saimin without having to go too far,” said Melanie Freitas, an Anahola resident.  “It’s not a fancy place, but it’s good!”


The Anahola Cafe and Saimin Stand is one of the economic development projects of the nonprofit Anahola Hawaiian Homes Association (AHHA).  The cafe is certified by the State Department of Health, operates six days a week, and also provides kitchen rental rates to small emerging food vendors.

“We know that we’ll need to expand the cafe dining area, but for now, it suits our needs and creates a great place for locals and visitors to stop in Anahola for a bite,” said Lorraine Rapozo, AHHA president.  “What’s neat is that we have a great chef at the cafe, and he and his family live right in our community.  Local jobs, local service, local enterprise – it’s what our work is all about.”

Report submitted by AHHA, founded in 1982 by the residents of Hawaiian Home Lands located in Anahola.  Its tax exempt nonprofit development organization is the Homestead Community Development Corporation (HCDC) dedicated to projects on Hawaiian Home Lands established by Congress in 1920 through the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act. 






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