Civil Beat Poll Shows Democrat David Ige in the Lead

David Ige
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David Ige
David Ige

REPORT FROM IGE FOR GOVERNOR CAMPAIGN – HONOLULU –  Hawaii Democratic gubernatorial candidate State Senator David Ige’s campaign for governor is encouraged with the results of the first Hawaii news poll released since the primary election. The Civil Beat poll released this morning shows David Ige leading with 43%, a 4-point lead over his Republican opponent Duke Aiona with 39%. These poll results continue to validate the hard work of Democrat David Ige for Governor’s dedicated supporters.

David Ige shared this morning, “This is an encouraging poll, but a very close race, and I urge my supporters to keep talking to your family and friends over the next 6 weeks and remind them to vote so our true community building campaign achieves victory on Tuesday, November 4.”


State Senator David Ige is the fifth of six brothers raised in Pearl City by his father, a steelworker, and his mother who worked in the healthcare field. Attending public schools, David would work at Del Monte Pineapple Cannery to pay for his BA in Electrical Engineering and MBA in Decision Sciences from UH. He met his wife Dawn at UH, and they’ve raised three kids, currently in college, in Aiea. For 34 years, Senator Ige maintained his job as an electrical engineer, while also providing public service as a State Legislator for 29 years. Recognized as a strong leader and consensus-builder, for 28 of his years in office his colleagues selected him to lead many important legislative committees.

Senator David Ige and his supporters made history in the Saturday, August 9, 2014, Hawaii Primary by defeating an incumbent governor with the greatest margin in our country’s history. With nearly 30 years in the state Legislature, candidate for governor Senator David Ige has built a solid reputation as a thoughtful, honest and innovative legislator. He has been the chair of the Senate Committee on Ways and Means for the past four years, helping to shape and balance the state’s budget. Senator Ige has led a total of 10 House and Senate committees, including Higher Education, Education and Technology, Health, Hawaiian Affairs, Economic Development, Commerce, and Consumer Protection and Information Technology. This year he was named one of the 13 “tech-savviest” state legislators in the nation by Government Technology magazine. Senator Ige has been at the forefront of applying technology solutions and information technology in government and education. More information on Senator Ige and his candidacy are available at