FACT CHECK: Colleen Hanabusa Ad Claims She Cut Waste Saved Millions for Hawaii But Is That True?

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”FACT CHECK:” Colleen Hanabusa Ad Claims She Cut Waste Saved Millions for Hawaii ”MYTH:” Hanabusa says ?We cut waste and moved all of this stuff online and saved us millions? and pledges to do the same in Congress ”FACT:” As of fiscal year ending in 2008 Hawaii?s outstanding state debt was more than $4 billion an increase of 38.5 percent since Hanabusa was elected to the Hawaii State Senate. Since being elected to the State Senate state spending has increased 77.5 percent or by $8 billion.[i] ”MYTH:” She claims ?We passed campaign finance reform and cut legislative salaries too.? ”FACT:” Even with Hawaii facing an $869 million budget deficit over the next three years in 2008 state Senate President Hanabusa defended a 36 percent pay raise for the Hawaii State Legislature. Hanabusa said ?legislators work very hard and deserve the raise.? As of December 20009 Hawaii pays the highest salary for part-time legislators.[ii] ”MYTH:” She promises to hold ?Wall Street and the special interests accountable for the mess they?ve made? and ?take on special interests determined to stand in the way of President Obama.? ”FACT:” In 2009 Senator Colleen Hanabusa voted in favor of a card-check bill that would allow workers to be recognized as a union when a majority signed union cards an alternative to secret ballot elections.[iii] Since 1998 Senator Colleen Hanabusa has taken at least $104 700 in campaign funds from the labor industry.[iv] For more fact check information for the special election for Hawaii?s 1st congressional district visit https://www.factcheckhi01.com ”’Erin Kealoha is the Hawaii GOP Communications Director”’ REFERENCES [i] ?Schedule of Ratio of Net General Obligation Bonded Debt Per Capita ? Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30 2005 Hawaii Department of Accounting and General Services https://hawaii.gov/dags/accounting-division/soh-2005dagscafr.pdf [ii] Herbert Sample ?Speaker calls on lawmakers to forego pay hike ? The Associated Press Oct. 23 2008 [iii] H.B. 952 2009 Regular Session Hawaii State Legislature website https://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/session2009/lists/measure_indiv.aspx?billtype=HB&billnumber=952 May 5 2009 [iv] Colleen Hanabusa 1998-2010 Contributions by Economic Interest National Institute on Money in State Politics https://www.followthemoney.org Accessed Feb. 25 2010