Finnegan Campaign Banners and Signs Stolen

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HONOLULU – Over the holiday weekend, a large banner and multiple signs for House Minority Leader Lynn Finnegan’s campaign for Lt. Governor were stolen in Kailua, O‘ahu, on Kainalu Drive.

“The signs were put up on the parade route by our hardworking volunteers all day on Saturday in preparation for the Kailua Independence Day parade.  We believe the signs were taken to reduce our visibility during the popular parade,” said Campaign Manager, Peter Finnegan. “Hawai‘i voters are disgusted by this type of political tactic.  Those responsible for the theft should be held accountable.”

The Finnegan campaign signs were hung near several Duke Aiona campaign banners, which were also taken prior to the start of the parade. Each sign was hung only after receiving explicit permission from the respective home owners or occupants. When one home owner was asked what happened to the signage, they responded that persons approached their door claiming to be from the Finnegan campaign and they would be taking down the banner.

A police report was filed with the Honolulu Police Department. The collective banners and signs were valued at more than $300 to the Finnegan Campaign.

Any information from the public should be provided to the Finnegan Campaign Headquarters via email at or via telephone at 808-233-9066.

Corrie Heck is Communications Director