US: China ‘Obligated’ to Press North Korea to End ‘Belligerence’

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs - AP Photo
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White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs - AP Photo

A White House spokesman is calling on China to press North Korea to end what he calls that state’s “belligerent behavior.”

Robert Gibbs said Tuesday Beijing has an “obligation” to send such a message to Pyongyang. China is the main diplomatic and economic supporter of its impoverished neighbor.


Gibbs also said Washington remains committed to the security of South Korea, which engaged in a deadly artillery battle with the North last week. In that incident, North Korea shelled a South Korean island near the western maritime border of the two Koreas, triggering return fire from the South.

China has responded to the fighting by calling on the United States, Japan, the two Koreas and Russia to send representatives to Beijing in early December for emergency talks to reduce tensions in the region.

Japan’s Kyodo news agency quotes diplomatic sources in Beijing as saying Chinese State Councilor Dai Bingguo will visit North Korea as early as Wednesday to urge its neighbor to participate in the proposed meeting.





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